Monday, May 24, 2010

Wet N Wild Color Icon

Here's another item that recently came out that has been pretty hard to find. Surprisingly enough, all the CVS stores in my area had this out today (meanwhile they were all missing "precious" - I found "precious" in Kmart hidden in with the regular display).

Anyhow, this collection contains some nail polishes and baked eyeshadows and bronzers. The Color Icon collection is limited edition for spring/summer. When I went to look at the display, I automatically dismissed the baked eyeshadows since a few of them were already crushed, so I picked up both of the bronzers. Colors are Scorch and Sizzle and retail for $3.99 a piece.

Honestly? I would never use these on my face. They are quite metallic and shimmery. I tend to prefer subtle highlights or matte/satin bronzers.

They come in slightly rounded containers but here's the weird part. The top twists off. I wish these were flip tops.
Here's Scorch compared to a well-loved Cargo blush just so you can get an idea of the size (for all curious, it's Molokai - a great matte peach).
On the left we have Sizzle, which is a metallic gold and on the right we have Scorch which is more of a copper color.
Slightly different lighting. Can you tell how ridiculously pigmented these guys are? I'd think that they'd perform more successfully as eyeshadows rather than bronzers.
They look about the same when blended out. Same order though, Sizzle on the left and Scorch on the right. I bet these would be nice for darker skinned ladies, but I'm not sure my NW10 skin can pull them off as anything more than eyeshadows or very very subtly just on the very tops of my cheekbones, definitely not something I could wear all over (though I doubt anyone really could with that glimmer!).

What are your thoughts? Have you seen these or picked them up yourself? I'm honestly contemplating a return.


Kimberly said...

Because I'm fair, I couldn't use these as bronzers without it looking weird. But I would love them as summery shadows. That, I could pull off.

Will be on the lookout for this display. And, the packaging is attractive.

In Her Makeup Bag said...

I saw these at my local ShopKo (I live in the Midwest), and thought the same thing about how dark and shimmery they are. I didn't end up with anything from this collection, as I'm not too fond of it. Some of the nail polishes look cool but they are so small!
I'd be interested to try these bronzers out as eyeshadows, that's a good idea.

ndoodles said...

Very cool :D I love anything baked - I will definitely pick one of them up if I see them!

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