Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Current Faves

I know I don't do these "Current Fave" posts with any regularity, but I wanted to share what I've been loving lately. These are mostly items that I took with me and wore on vacation.
Barielle Natural Nail Camouflage - If you remember, I picked this up during a recent trip to Tjmaxx and I'm loving it! In fact, I wore only this during the trip to Georgia (I didn't want to scare off DH's 93 year old grandmother) and my MIL even commented how pretty my nails looked. I used around 3 layers and it held up surprisingly well for the trip. And I also do really like it as a base. I feel like polishes go on more smoothly because of it. Is it worth $16 and will I rebuy at retail? Maybe? I hope that I run into this at Tjmaxx again so I can stock up because it's great.
ELF Studio Concealer in Ivory - I did a review of a few ELF face products recently and this was one of the newer items I picked up. I was slightly wrong as this isn't a perfect match for my skin. It is slightly more yellow than my skin (yes I realize it doesn't really look yellow at all I'm just very cool) but because it is ever slightly more yellow, it is great at covering red marks on my face. I especially love this right around my nose. Unfortunately, I can't cover large areas of my face with this as the color is off but for small spots it's perfect.
Clinique Touch Tints for Eyes (Sunlight Palm & Nude Sparkle) - These were the only eyeshadows that I brought with me on vacation and it was more than enough. The Touch Tints can be sheered out or built up so I was able to create several different looks with these two shades. And a plus, no chance of getting broken or smashed in my bag. Nude Sparkle also doubles as an inner corner and/or brow highlight and they stay all day.

Milani Liquif-Eye metallic eye liner pencil in brown - I never did a proper review of these pencils but I'll explain why I love this so much. First of all, price. For a little over $5 the quality and price of these is awesome. Second, a couple weeks ago I went to the eye doctor and got my eyes checked and during the checkup, she flushed my eyes with a solution. Guess what was still there after said flushing? Yup, this pencil. My waterproof mascara didn't survive nearly as well but this stuck. Great for Georgia humidity too.
Fyrinnae Lip Lustre in Bloodstains - I've mentioned this a few other times, but I love this... on my cheeks! It is perfect and it stays all day. Love! I couldn't get a great swatch of it spread out but it's a lovely red flush.

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