Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bloom Code

Don't kill me guys but I have another decent code for you today. Bloom Cosmetics via Australia is a great brand that doesn't get nearly enough love. I discovered it when it was leaving Sephora and went 75% off a few years ago. It's also one of the brands that is/will be stocked in CVS Beauty 360 stores.

code TryBloom3535 will get you 35% off and free shipping*
code TryBloom7788 will get you 40% off

There is also supposed to be free shipping over $55 sitewide but it isn't working. Regular 3-5 shipping is $7.95 (I believe this is the flat rate but I'm not positive). I've e-mailed Bloom to see if the coupon codes can not be combined with the free shipping deal (which is strange since one of them specifically says it can). We'll see if I hear back.

Anyway, what should you try from Bloom?

  • Lip Stain Markers $22.00 $13.20 after discount
  • Foundation if you have a fair - medium complexion
  • Eyeshadows: The eyeshadows are amazing and come in lots of different colors and finishes. If you're brand new to the line, I'd suggest picking up one of these palettes:
  • Eyeshadow Colour Palette Cool: platinum, slate & ash $24.90 (regularly $30) $14.94 after discount

Eyeshadow Colour Palette Warm: colors listed incorrectly on site $24.90 (regularly $30) $14.94 after discount

 Will you be hauling anything from Bloom? Tell me!


Bianca said...

I tried these earlier too, I could not get the F/S to work, so I just closed out. Let me know if they say anything about it.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Bianca: Yeah, the free shipping doesn't appear to be working. I sent their CS a message but haven't heard anything yet.

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