Monday, February 8, 2010

JT: Style My Eyes #1

This is a new series on Jeweled Thumb called JT Style My Eyes. After my first color theory post, I had a few questions from specific readers regarding what eyeshadow colors they should wear. You can see the colors in the color wheel but how does that really translate to real life? Sometimes it's hard because of those with green eyes for instance, there are many different green colors; some can be more gray, some can take on blueish qualities and some can go more hazel. Obviously, I want to make sure that I don't give you some random advice and then you wind up looking like a clown when you go out, thinking you've picked the perfect eyeshadow color. This is where JT Style My Eyes comes in. I am inviting any of my readers to submit pictures of their eyes and I will custom pick some colors that you can wear and post about it on Jeweled Thumb.

The first photo comes from the ever lovely Jasmine. One of my very first readers!
I'm going to first say I'm super jealous of her almond eye shape and the fact that her lids have a pronounced crease. When I open my eyes like that my crease disappears.

Brown eyes are sometimes hard to figure out since brown is not really labeled for you on the color wheel, but we're going to look at Jasmine's eyes a little closer.

From just looking at Jasmine's eye at a distance you can tell it is warm-toned. It has amber bordering on gold qualities. Without delving further I'd suggest dark blues and purples to bring out the gold in her eyes if that's what she wants to play up. She could also wear greens to bring out the reddish hues.

But why stop there? 
I hope this doesn't gross anyone out, but this is a zoomed in image of her eye. I have not altered this photo other than including the text. Do you see all the colors? How neat is that! So, really, Jasmine can wear any of the complimentary colors to bring out any of the colors I've noted above. 

Here's just a few ideas on colors to wear:
gold and purple are complimentary
green and red are complimentary
orange and blue are complimentary

In these diagrams, the top shades corresponds (are complimentary) to the bottom shades within varying shades of that color. So basically, the decision here is which color you want to play up? Do you want to bring out the gold tones (wear royal purple) in your eyes or the orangey tones (wear blue)?

Darker colors will also help make the whites of your eyes appear more white, so navy, deep blackened purple and forest green are some shades that might work.

Honestly, brown eyes can wear almost every color so have fun with it.

If you would like me to "Style Your Eyes" please send me a fairly clear photo of your eyes at please also indicate whether you would like me to mention your name and/or blog in the post or if you have any specific questions regarding your eye, eye shape or color options. I can keep these posts anonymous if you'd prefer.

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sunniipinky said...

Wow! I would not have realized her eyes have so many pretty shades of color in it! :D Thanks for the break down! This helps a lot since I have brown eyes too...although mine are a dark it'd probably be a lot different than hers. xD Haha.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@sunniipinky: You can always send a picture of your eyes for #2! =)

Jayme said...

I kinda want to send mine in too, i have hazel eyes tha border somewhere between blue, green, grey and have a ton of yellow.

I also find that sometimes with hazel eyes they reflect what ever color is on it (meaning blue will make your eyes look bluer)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Jayme: You should! =)

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