Friday, February 19, 2010

Now Staring the Borghese Brush

One of my readers commented on my NOTD about my comments on the brush. Well, I've gone ahead and snapped some quick shots of the brush and then compared to a brush on the base/top coat I've been using (YSL La Laque).

I don't know if you can tell just by itself, but it is super short. The next picture is compared to the YSL where it's pretty obvious just how short the Borghese brush is. I'd say it's about a 1/3 the size of a normal brush/wand.
BTW- Said manicure looks pretty darned good considering I did it Tuesday evening; no chipping, just a little tip wear as per usual. Pretty pleased I picked a few of these up especially at the price!


Fee said...

It's a lot shorter than the norm, maybe there reason for this was for more control? hmm
But it seems to apply pretty good from your NOTD post.


Jeweled Thumb said...

@Fee: That's probably their reasoning for it, but my reaction upon pulling it out from the bottle was, "... where's the rest of the brush?!" - maybe with practice it will turn out to be a good thing but until then, it will probably just freak me out and make me be extra careful!

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