Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Review: Missha Easy Styling Makeup Kit in Smoky Contrast #1

I'd been meaning to post the review for this kit. I bought this kit when I ordered the sample set a few months ago. The Easy Styling kits come in 3 variations and retail for $24.99. Each comes with 2 lip products, a cream shadow and an eyeshadow duo.

The packaging is awesome. The above picture is just the box (flash). Yes, the box is a holo.
no flash
compact on top of box
Oh, wait! You don't care how pretty the packaging is? You want to know if the products are good? Well if you've been reading the blog awhile, you know that I am not a fan of cream products in the same palette as powder ones. However, I do like all the products in this palette, even the cream eyeshadow (which looks black even though it's blue with shimmer)! I know, it's insane. On first touch it feels kind of oily but it does set.
The lip products are ones you would imagine being in a smokey eye palette. They are both peachy nude shades and both fairly sheer yet can be built up and they have no obnoxious glitter or shimmer - one is a bit more glossy (#1) and one is more matte (#2). They feel very nice between the lips and have no smell or taste.
Here is a better view of the lip products and the cream eyeshadow (on top you can see a bit of the shimmer in the cream shadow).

And I mentioned that the cream eyeshadow actually sets. This was after I rubbed my finger over it. The shimmer shifted but I was pleasantly surprised.
And here's after I tried washing it all off with water...
So am I glad I picked this up? Yes. Would I usually pick out a palette with cream and powder? No. 

Love the blingtastic packaging though. Is bligtastic a word? No. Do I care? No!


Maggie said...

It looks like a really nice palette!
And such a pretty packaging. *wants* :)

sunniipinky said...

It's convenient to have a set like this. :) So many things you need all in one place.

Lisa Kate said...

This is really pretty!! I never give any love to my palettes (although I'm slowly but surely working on it!). I think I just might need to pick this up...only after I get my paws on that new glittery Stila shadow one though! You've got me addicted XD

Y said...

This set is pretty convenient! LOL i hate it when you make swatches and the swatches take forever to wash off

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Maggie: I adore the packaging too (if you couldn't already tell). Don't forget the Missha anniversary deal goes till the 12th!

@sunniipinky: I just wish there was also a blush (even a cream blush) in the kit. Then it would be truly an all in one palette!

@Lisa Kate: Hahah! Yay! Missha is giving $20 off your purchase for new customers till the 12th so you might want to get that before the Stila!

@Y: I think it's a good thing though. The last thing I want is for eyeshadows to wipe off real easily after application. This shows that they will last on the eyes, especially layered with the cream!

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