Wednesday, February 10, 2010

JT Wants

Here's a few things I have my eyes on lately.
Benefit Legally Bronze set $35/ (sold out already - grrr). This set includes full sizes of High Beam, Hoola bronze, Gilded and BadGal Brown mascara. Want want want.
Pretty much everything from the MAC Makeup Art Supplies Collection (coming April 1st, 2010). I'm not usually passionate about MAC collections. It's seldom that I buy at the counters when a collection comes out. But with this one, OH EM GEE guys. Greasepaint sticks, new lip stain markers and pearl glide pencils?! I am so all about this collection.

More China Glaze nail polish. I am so in love with practically every color I get my hands on and I want more. Wait, what are you saying? That I clearly have way too many nail polishes already many of which I haven't even used? That's absurd and so true but I don't care!
Of course I want things that I can't have. After reading tons of blogs from wonderful ladies overseas (namely The Gloss Goss & Mizz Worthy) I am now obsessed with trying Rouge Bunny Rouge. Both of them have been professing their love for the brand for quite awhile.

What are you lusting after?


So Very Fabulous said...

What! I didn't even know about that benefit set. Is it only an online thing? I stop Sephora a lot to check out if any sets like this come out and I haven't seen anything.

scarlettholly said...

I keep getting obsessed with the china glaze collections. The MAC Art Supplies collection looks ridiculously good. I love love lipstains and my greasepaint stick from Style Black so I'm going to have to contain myself.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@So Very Fabulous: I have no idea if it's in stores or not. I haven't seriously left my house for close to a week so I haven't been near a Sephora. It was recently released so it may make its way into stores eventually? I'm hoping so anyway since it's sold out online. =/

@scarlettholly: That makes two of us! I bought the whole Up & Away collection! I think I might succumb to this MAC collection though. It looks sooo nice.

sunniipinky said...

The China Glaze ad has such vibrant colors and is so visually attractive! :)

Lisa Kate said...

Now I want all those things as well. Damn you!! *shakes fist*

I just got 2 China Glazes in the mail (Peachy Keen & Agent Lavender) and I LOVE them!!! I like the application/bottles/colors/wear/brush/formula way better than OPI! And its way cheaper too.

But yeah, I really want more China Glaze!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@sunniipinky: Yeah, I love the Up & Away Collection ad too, it's adorable.

@Lisa Kate: Muwahahahah (evil maniacal laughter). Yayyy! So glad you bought some. It is better than OPI, isn't it! Love it.

Lola said...

Hi :) I found your blog through Tali's "The gloss goss." Very nice blog, I like it!

I just found that benefit set a few days ago on their website, such a steal for 4 full size products for 35 bucks!! I hope they aren't sold out in stores. Its a really nice set for summer, when traveling... isn't it? :)

Great blog, again btw!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lola: Thanks for stopping by! I hope the set isn't sold out in stores. It's a great value!

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