Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lipstick Queen @ Gilt

You know those boutique brands that are hard to find? Well, I always want them. We all want what we can't have of course. Well, in about 15 minutes, Gilt will have Lipstick Queen for sale. I have no idea of what the discount will be or the specific products, but since I've never tried the line before, I will certainly be logging in and checking it out. And so can you! Har har har, this is what happens when I sound like an ad. Isn't it hilarious and awful sounding? Anyway, if you click on my referral link we'll both get a $25 credit and DH won't be as mad when makeup yet again arrives on our doorstep.

disclosure: This post includes a referral link


scarlettholly said...

I'm already a member of Gilt so I didn't click through on your link, but I did do a random haul from Gilt - so excited as I've never used any Lipstick Queen stuff :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@scarlettholly: Ooo What did you wind up getting?

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