Monday, February 15, 2010

Review: Fyrinnae Lip Lustres

As I mentioned in my haul post, I ordered 4 of the mini lip lustres. Each is 3.5ml and sells for $2.50. I ordered colors that were described as having minimal or no shimmer or glitter.
Bloodstains || Pink Guitar || Flavor of The Day || Deceptive Innocence
As I previously mentioned, I was rather impressed by the packaging of these inexpensive "sample" products. The tubes are very substantial. They come with a silver lid and there is a nice wand doe-foot applicator. The product itself is quite thick, although it seems like some of the colors are more thick than others. For example, here is the wand applicator of Bloodstains. It's so covered with product that you really need a separate lip brush to apply. 
And here it is compared to the Flavor of The Day wand. Notice that the FOTD wand is not so heavily coated in product. You can definitely see that the wand (and even the mouth of the tube) is cleaner than Bloodstains.
The lip lustres are scented with a variety of foody and fruity scents. Flavor of The Day smells like fruity candy while Deceptive Innocence smells like caramel. The particular scent for each of the colors is indicated on the Fyrinnae site if you are sensitive to them.
swatches are in the same order as tubes above
These do have a buttery feel to them upon application, however, I wouldn't assume that the oils and butters in the product are sufficient moisture. After applying Bloodstains to unconditioned lips, it settled into the lines and dryness of my lips. My lips felt a little tight after the initial application; they definitely need a little extra for such a deep color since it will enhance every flaw. I also wish Bloodstains was tiny bit more red. I do adore the colors of Pink Guitar and Lip Of The Day! Beautiful. But again, after the initial buttery application, they get a little dryer and need a bit more moisture either under or applied after. Bloodstain blotted and then topped with a moisturizing gloss like MAC jelly babe lipgellee is gorgeous but I would hate to cover up how pretty the others look to keep my lips moisturized.
Hopefully I'll get these to work. Have you tried Fyrinnae Lip Lustres? What do you think?


Lisa Kate said...

Since I wear these a lot, I've sort of got it down to a science. I normally put on a nice thick coat of lip balm before I start doing any of my makeup. Once I'm ready for the lips, I use a tissue to blot off the excess balm. Then I apply the lip lustre! If it still feels dry after that, I'll actually add some more balm on top. My lips are SUPER dry so I normally use a lot of balm during the day! It won't make the color slide off or anything, which is pretty awesome!

Meep! Hope that helps XD

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lisa Kate: Oh good. I was hoping you would comment! I will try your technique. =)

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