Monday, January 10, 2011

Beauty First Clearance

Beauty First is one of those small boutique-like stores, though they don't tend to carry what I consider boutique brands. As far as brands are concerned, they carry tons of professional hair salon brands and nail polish and there is generally a small salon in the back of the store. I've been a member for quite awhile and pop into the one closest to our house fairly often. After the holidays (and this year for a bit before the holidays) they hold their big clearance sale event with products 50-75% off.

I've been meaning to get a hold of a flat iron for myself, and you may remember that I was supposed to receive one to review from a company but never received it and never received a reply to the e-mail I sent inquiring on the status or shipment of the package. No, I'm not bitter or angry but I won't generate traffic for them by mentioning the name of the site.

Thinking I was going to get one made me want one even more but flat irons are expensive! I am shortly going to be cutting off the majority of my hair to donate it and I know that styling is going to take a bit more effort after the big cut.

But today in Beauty First there were several flat irons on clearance, some 50% and there was one 75%. Now I'm not sure how much I like the design as I don't tend to be enamored by all things Ed Hardy. But a decent quality flat iron for 75% off - well let's just say it came home with me.
It's the Ed Hardy 10,000 Professional Tourmaline Styling Iron, Geisha, 1-Inch and the cheapest I could find it online was $60 and for $26.50 it came home with me!

It's definitely worth taking a peek if you have one of these stores nearby to see their clearance sales! I picked up a few other things but I had to get the post up about my iron tonight!


Kimberly said...

I hope it is a good one for you. You got a steal!!

Shela said...

Oooh I feel the same way about Ed Hardy! It's usually too overdone, flashy, and a bit trashy-- but of all their designs, I find their Geisha print the least over-the-top. It's actually got a pin-up feel to it. Too bad I've never seen a Beauty First boutique here in San Diego but $26 is a real steal! I'm looking forward to a review. ;)

Petra said...

My sister is constantly on the look out for a good flat iron and you're right, the prices are ridiculous! I had thought about getting her one for christmas so moseyed over to the hair care aisle and the prices made me D:. I admit, I thought they'd be priced like hair dryers!

Can't wait for the review!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Kim: Thanks! It will be my very first flat iron!

@Shela: I tweeted you about Beauty First. They company also has a store called Pure Beauty which carries similar stuff and I'm fairly sure they have a store in CA. Worth a shot anyway!

@Petra: I know! I too had sticker shock! It doesn't faze me to spend $100 on makeup for one haul but for one piece of equipment, it really bothers me for some reason!

Shela said...

Thanks! I've never seen a Pure Beauty, or rather, heard about them before but I'm curious. It's worth a shot to google it. Thanks, JT!

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