Saturday, January 29, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Top Speed Cloud

It has been so long since I've done a nail of the day post and I know I've gotten a lot of requests for them. To be completely honest, I haven't worn nail polish at all since my last one (not since October, holy crap) and I am very out of practice! But tonight I felt the pull to make my nails pretty so I tested out one of the new fast drying nail polishes from Revlon that I bought recently and of course I was pulled towards the blue-lavender-gray-eiges, Cloud.

This was 2 coats of Cloud and I coat of Seche Vite.

I found the formula on this a bit strange. It was a bit thin right out of the bottle, yet goopy when it got on the nails? And it did not dry fast. It was a bit streaky and required slightly thicker coats and I apologize for the sloppy application and any marks or bumps. It was not easy to apply!

Comparing it to polishes I already own, Revlon Cloud, American Apparel L'Esprit, Zoya Miley
Same order as above, Revlon, American Apparel, Zoya

The Revlon is more blue and American Apparel is more lavender, Zoya is the most sheer. This is much bluer than Essence's No More Drama. I think it may be similar to Essie's St. Barth's Blue, but I can't find the bottle to compare (thought the Revlon is definitely more opaque).

I don't know if it's my application, but I'm not a huge fan of this formula. Have you tried the new Revlon Top Speed polishes yet? Also, did anyone notice that these are roughly $1 more than the regular Revlon formula (I think sticker price was $6.49)?! Not cool, Revlon, not cool.


Kimberly said...

Application aside, I don't think I'm all that hot about the color either. The American Apparel looks better.

You haven't worn polish in that long? =O

Usei Hoje! said...

Os vidrinhos são lindos e as cores mais ainda.
Gostei de todos!!!!


Jacqui G said...

I love the color, but I am not a fan of the Revlon Top Speed formula either. Quick dry always equals yuck, at least in my experience. Maybe I will have to hunt down that American Apparel Version!

Shaimaa said...

I love the colour , I never tried Revlon nail polish before and the American Apparel Look amazing i loved this shade

Amanda said...

I'm wearing this right now, and the application on my bottle SUCKS too. I totally slopped it on and usually my nails look pretty good. I like the color though... I noticed that my bottle of Revlon Minted has crappy application too though

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