Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Haus of Gloi News

It's no surprise that I've been loving my recent Haus of Gloi hauls. However, as I've mentioned, though the formula of the body butter is divine, the scents are so strong that it is near impossible to use it all over without smelling as though I bathed in a vat of the stuff (also my husband is super sensitive to smells, whether he likes them or not - he likes Snow Wolf when I apply a little, if I over-apply he hates the scent). I'm sure you've gathered the gist of this paragraph.

I want to slather myself in their pumpkin butter but I don't want to stink! It's lightweight, not greasy, yet moisturizing. It sinks it almost immediately. It's not tacky or sticky. It's fairly inexpensive. And I was thinking, how awesome would it be if I could slather myself in the stuff yet be able to wear any perfume in my collection?

The joys of twitter:

@jeweledthumb @hausofgloi would you ever consider making your pumpkin butter unscented?
@hausofgloi @jeweledthumb yes! We will be doing that soon with our unscented line, aether.

Guess who is going to buying myself a vat of Aether?! I am super excited!