Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Hair

Every few years I grow out my hair to donate to charity. This time I was at a loss for where to go and what kind of style to go for. I'm so used to putting my hair in a bun and calling it a day and hate wearing it down when it's super long. Tonight I bit the bullet and went to Bubbles salon and had the most wonderful experience with the stylist, Ferrah. She did a great job and seemed to intuitively know what I wanted even though I have no idea what I'm doing. I couldn't even choose a hair cut that I wanted my hair to be like. In the end, I let her take creative control as she had gotten excellent reviews on Yelp. She also does threading in house and did my entire face right after my cut.

We spoke during the cut for a bit and I asked her why she became a hair stylist, initially she said that her mother was one and it came easy to her but then she said how if she's feeling down, cutting someone's hair makes her happy and helps her mood, that she loves making people happy and when she's feeling depressed, cutting/styling and helping someone feel good, feel pretty, makes her happy and when she's doing her job, she almost goes in her own little world (oh she apparently also dreams about haircuts, coloring and styling - it's refreshing to meet someone that is so passionate about their work and is obviously doing it for the right reasons). It shouldn't come as a surprise that I tipped generously.

Here's how I started out (I brushed the curl out prior to going so it would be easier for the stylist).

And here's the final cut, did it make the cut? Wahaha, I'm so funny (she cut it so I could wear it straight or leave it curly which I appreciate - sorry I don't have a curly picture!).

And the pony tail mid-action.
I am absolutely thrilled with my new 'do. If you live around the Rockville area, definitely go to Bubbles Salon on Shady Grove Road and ask for Ferrah!


theetinygoat said...

yay, that looks awesome! i have a friend who goes to the bubbles on shady grove, i'll have to ask who her stylist is!

mineralcosmetics said...
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Petra said...

I love the hair cut! It looks fantastic straight, would love to see it curly too!

Seriously, I envy that cut.

Phyrra said...

You look fab! I love the new cut.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@thetinygoat: It's so unusual to see people from around here on beauty blogs! Are you also local? =)

@Petra: Thanks! I was so scared of the cut when she said she thought I should get a bob but I like it! It's crazy curly though. I think it might look a bit better after it's grown out a couple of inches. It's uber poofy and big curly!

@Phyrra: Thank you so much!! =)

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