Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Drugstore Products

I stopped by a Rite Aid I never go to. The parking lot was nearly empty and the beauty section was huge! Hardly anything was missing from the displays and I got a few shots of some new (to me) products. Now, it goes without saying the fabulous Nouveau Cheap has probably already showcased all of these products on her wonderful blog, but I was so excited to see new products, that I snapped some photos. Sorry for any fuzziness, I have the worlds most shakiest hands.
NYC has jumped on the lipstain marker bandwagon! The back row is all lipstain markers, "16 hour kissable color" and in the front are lipglosses. Quite a nice color range. I didn't pick them up to try but the markers are $4.99 and the lipglosses in front are $2.99. There's a little disclaimer at the bottom saying that the 16 hour claim is only for the lipstain markers. I thought that was kind of funny.
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Compact SPF 55, the amount of SPF in this product is kind of mind blowing for a cream foundation (and Neutrogena doesn't let you forget it since they say, "most powerful level of UVA-UVB protection available in a compact". I've never seen something like this at a place like Sephora, let alone the drugstore! Not the greatest shade selection but then again Neutrogena tends to cater towards light to medium skintones. This retails for $13.99. Promises lightweight coverage and a non greasy formula, I guess it's cream to powder then? Contains the same kind of SPF (helioplex) as their liquidy sunscreen I reviewed here.

Physicians Formula has come out out with quite a few new products (new cream liners in metallic shades which Olivia - who by the way is one of my favorite people ever - reviewed here) and a host of other things. The thing that my eye gravitated to was the cutesy Valentine's Day powder, called Happy Booster. Everyone say Awwwwww! Obviously it makes you glow like you are in a love. The price kills that blissful moment as the powder retails for $13.95 but it is so pretty and it has a $3 coupon on it and PF should go on sale before these sell out.

And now we have more and more brands making Minx manicure dupes...
Sally Hansen for $9.79 has an impressive array of colors & patterns, but for nearly $10 you may as well get the ones from Sephora are only $15.
And then Broadway nails has come out with four different faux minx sets except these are only $5.49 and there's a $1 sticker on the display.

Do any of these new things catch your eye? I think I'm definitely going to try the new NYC lipstain markers when NYC goes on sale.

Also at Rite Aid, I saw little signs indicating some cosmetic brands gave you $20 in rebates if you were to spend $100. I'm going to look into this further as Rite Aid had the same deal last year with L'Oreal. It would be super amazing if you could combine brands towards the $100.


ndoodles said...

Can't wait to try out the lipstains... always wanted to try out a good lipstain - be nice if NYC has come up with it!

Beauty Addict said...

I would love to try the nail wraps! I don't think they will be available in Ireland though...

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Jeweled Thumb said...

@ndoodles: I hope this one is good for both our sakes! Didn't pick it up but I will the next time NYC goes on sale. =)

@Beauty Addict: I'm sure they'll eventually make their way to Ebay (actually, you may be able to purchase them there now though I'm not sure of any markup). Worth a shot anyway. =)

eRiN said...

I'm just starting to get into Konad, but I may still try out those cheapo Minx copies anyway! Thanks for posting that!

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I bought a NYC lipstain and liked it soo much I went back for another. They are better than the CoverGirl and Maybelline!

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