Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Holy Pigment Batman (A Review)

I've heard tons of raves over the new Revlon Colorburst glosses. The wand, the formula, the wand. Ok, really I've heard a lot about the cool wand. I stopped by CVS after work for a soda and peeked around the cosmetic area, big mistake, huge mistake (anyone get that reference?). Anyway, I saw the new Colorburst glosses and picked one up to try.
I decided to be daring and picked the fire engine red, well-named "Fire". Fire indeed. You see, waking up at 5am may have twisted my mind and I was tired. I was obviously not thinking.
Great, job genius.

Before I go any further, I'm going to share an important tidbit of information, well maybe more than one. First of all, this color looked like a blue-based red pulling fuchsia in my car driving home today when the sun was out when I sloppily and stupidly applied it on my commute home (now it looks warmer and more like a juicy tomato). Two, don't apply this gloss while driving. It needs a mirror and possibly a lip liner and separate brush. I found the "cool" applicator far too large and much harder to control which made this difficult to apply. It also applied color and then while blending it out, took color away and made the application a bit patchy.
Like an idiot, I did not take pictures after parking my car but I have some yellow-ish lighting ones to share. But I swear, this is a completely different color (a bit more flattering on my complexion anyway) in natural light but I'm not sure I can pull this off. I have enough reds that I rarely wear as it is. I might be returning this.
Wow, look at the lips and not the skin, please!
Fire blotted. Much better but not enough to keep I think.

Well, if you need a glossy red, here's your girl.


jbrobeck said...

pretty woman!

Cosmetics Aficionado said...

I love how it looks blotted. I'd love to see it in natural light.

Lillian Funny Face said...

Looks great to me, but I looove bold red lips :O)

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I wondered what this colour was like. Thanks for the swatch.
Super bright but I really like it.
Got your package yesterday. Both items are great.

Anonymous said...

I love red gloss. I think I will get this. :D

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