Friday, January 28, 2011

New Urban Decay Glide-On Shadow Pencils

I stopped by ULTA after work tonight for what I like to call "Blog Research". "Blog Research" always results in me purchasing stuff ""to review on the blog"". 

Anyway, I went to the Urban Decay counter area and discovered two things:
1. My ULTA had out quite a few of the new items from the Spring (?) collection (including the new Glide On Shadow Pencils) .
2. They had the Naked Palette in stock with the eyeliner duo

Of course now that the Naked Palette doesn't have the eyeliners, and instead the brush and is $4 more I desperately wanted to get my hands on one. Of course, this is long after it was  easier to find. But for some odd reason, my ULTA had not 1, but 2! So if you live near the Congressional Plaza ULTA in Rockville, MD, call to get the last Naked Palette reserved if they still have it (and yes, the price is still $44).

I stuck to swatching the products that I thought would last decently well on my hand between ULTA, Whole Foods and my house. I imagine that all the famous bloggers already have swatches of these posted, but I hope it is still useful.

Store lighting taken with my iPhone

Top Row
Barracuda - black with silver glitter
Mercury - metallic gunmetal
Rehab - medium brown with slight gray tinge
Morphine - metallic lilac/lavender
Delinquent - purple with what looks like pink glitter (it could also be light purple or silver)

Bottom Row
Clash - aqua with silver glitter (this one is super bright)
Clinic - forest green with glitter
Midnight Cowboy - peachy beige with silver glitter
Sin - metallic champagne

And two pictures when I got home.

These things have pretty good staying power and are super creamy - almost too creamy though they set and are budge proof. Too bad they are $20 - a bit steep for me. I do think Sin would be an awesome all over eyeshadow base, inner corner highlight or waterline brightener and maybe slightly more opaque than it's primer potion equivalent? I was disappointed with just how much glitter they put in these pencils. I know that's pretty common with Urban Decay but I'd be much more likely to buy if there wasn't glitter in almost all of them. Eventually, I think I'll pick up Rehab and maybe Sin.

What are your thoughts?

*Quick Edit*
After double checking my colors on the Sephora site, it looks like there are some other colors that my ULTA display didn't have and a lot of the others have no glitter so I look forward to trying those out!


Lillian Funny Face said...

Clash and morphine are gorgeous! But they'll be even more expensive over here :/

Fifi said...

I like morphine! Gorgeous shade! But yeah they're so expensive >.<

Y said...

Hmmm.... They look like NYX jumbo pencils. I would be concerned about creasing

Kimberly said...

Great research there, Professor Thumb! ;)

Petra said...

Clash looks amazing. I don't know why but lately I've been wanting really bright eyeliner. 20 bucks is a bit much though. I feel like for that price it should also grant wishes.

yourstrulypam said...

Yeah it seems like UD has a lot of glitter/shimmer to them. Their 24/7 glide on eye pencil has a lot of glitter. Thanks for the swatches. The colors are beautiful but like everyone says 20 dollars is pretty pricey.

April Claire Makeup said...

I don't know if you've already been tagged, but I've given you an award!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Lillian: They probably aren't worth it knowing how the dollar translates over there. =/

@Fifi: And since they are soft and more stubby, I don't think they'd last really long.

@Y: These are definitely more long lasting than the NYX pencils. That's partially why I included swatches after running around. Only the black one wore off considerably. Still don't think they are worth the price though.

@Kim: Pop quiz tomorrow! =p

@Petra: I bet it would look great on the lower lash line, but I think you'd be better off just getting one of the regular eyeliner pencils (cheaper and similarly long lasting).

@yourstrulypam: Yeah, if they were more in line with the eyeliner pencil price, I think they'd get a lot more sales (though admittedly, I have no idea of their sales numbers).

@ACM: Thanks! I'll check it out but I'll admit, I am horrible with doing award/tag things. I always forget!

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

definitely want to check these out. ive been looking for a chunkier shadow pencil.

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