Saturday, January 22, 2011

Review: MAC Lipglass Florabundance

I was going through my lipgloss collection, trying to weed out anything that has turned, remind myself of ones I previously loved but had forgotten and came across this. Before you say anything, yes, I have mentioned that I'm not a fan of the MAC lipglass but when I tried this I was honestly surprised. I like it. It's not as sticky as other MAC glosses I've tried, which is a little weird and it seems more moisturizing too (and it's a cream, huzzah!). Now, it is a little sticky, but I find it pretty manageable (especially if applied over a balm).

Honestly, I was surprised I had to write a post about it! Do you find this shade less sticky than other MAC lipglasses or did I get a bad good one?

Florabundance is a peachy pink cream and oh so pretty. It seems like it may be a dupe for the Revlon Peach Petal which of course I can't find to compare right now.

Purdy, right?

On an only slightly related note, I must not be the only person that is annoyed by how easily the MAC writing on the tubes wears off? I haven't even carried this around in my bag and the writing is almost gone! Thankfully, you can find the product information on the bottom of the tube but for the price, you'd think the writing would last longer, right?


Paige Bianca said...

YES! It is SO annoying how quickly the writing wears off! Just sitting in a pocket in my purse it's almost all gone on every one!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Paige: Isn't is annoying?! You'd think a company like MAC would be able to choose inks that lasted longer on the tube. They are supposed to be able to take the wear and tear of a professional kit!

BTW- Thanks for coming over and checking out my little corner of the web. Love your videos! =)

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