Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: Senna Mineral Eyes Trio in Satin Doll

I had been meaning to put up these reviews much earlier, but I'm easily distracted by new pretties. Senna Cosmetics sent me a bunch of products after reviewing their lipgloss here (dislike) and I've already reviewed their lipsticks here (love). I figured I'd finally put up reviews for at least one of the other products! I have a few others as well to put up.
One of the products in the super generous package they sent over was the Mineral Eyes Trio in Satin Doll. This was one of the products I was sort of 'meh' about. I love the idea of a compact that houses products to do a whole look with... if I can open it. It takes a bit of effort to open this compact and in the process of learning I've broken a few nails and dinged the product trying.
Satin Doll comes with 3 neutral shades and clocks in at $24 for .14oz or 3.9 grams of product (2.6x the size of a MAC eyeshadow for reference at 1.5 grams). Even though the price seems high, you are basically getting a little under 3 regular sized eyeshadows for $24 (or $8 an eyeshadow). There are a total of 4 different variations of these trios on the Senna website.

Senna described the shades in this trio as: matte pink, rose, and metallic plum. If you're planning on ordering this based on that description, I disagree.
Here are my descriptions (with swatches, of course - 3 swipes no primer)
Matte Ivory - This shade while soft, is not very pigmented and is just a shade or so lighter than my skin color.
Warm Chocolate Brown - This warmer matte shade was very soft but again, not super pigmented. I see no rose.
Slightly Bronze Metallic Brown - This was the more pigmented of the bunch and does have a metallic quality to it, however, I don't think it has enough plum in it to be described as a metallic plum. It does have a plum-like hue in the pan, but when swatched it's mostly just a medium metallic brown.

Even though the descriptions weren't color accurate, this combination gives a great neutral eye for those looking for a softer look. The shadows are soft but not crumbly. I did experience a tiny bit of fall out when using them to increase the intensity of the color. They are not the most pigmented shadows I have ever used. Definitely less so than MAC. I think that may be due to how hard pressed they seem to be in the pan. They lasted well throughout the day but I'm not sure I'd personally buy them myself. Great for traveling if you can open them. I wish the clasp wasn't so hard to get open!

Disclosure: These were sent to be by a representative of Senna Cosmetics. I was not paid. These are my honest opinions.


Kimberly said...

I agree with you that these colors are great for a neutral look. And if they are somewhat lightly pigmented, then I think those that want a light-hand can be satisfied with this trio. Where do I get these?

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Kim: I think those new to makeup and worrying of overdoing would really like this. You can buy them them on the Senna website. I linked specifically to the trios in the post, but I'll do a link here too. =)

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