Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review: Cargo Blush In Molokai

A very sweet reader of Jeweled Thumb e-mailed me asking about Cargo Molokai and requested that I swatch and review it. Cargo blushes used to be insanely popular all over the web. For some reason or another (likely Sephora stopped carrying the brand and they became a little harder to find) the brand has not been spoken about nearly as much. I believe you can still buy it at CVS Beauty 360s and select places online.

I don't know why, but something about the simple tin packaging of the Cargo blushes appeals to me. No, they don't stay shut if you travel and the tins can sometimes be a pain in the neck but I love them. Pink and berry blushes have always been a no-no to me, as I struggle with a bit of roseacea on my cheeks. When I was a teenager, my doctor actually thought I had the butterfly rash commonly associated with lupus it was so bad. I only wore peach blushes for awhile after that but as a cool fair skinned person, it was always hard to not look like I had a sunburn with intense and/or super warm peach blushes.

I should probably stop rambling and actually "review". Molokai can sometimes look a little scary in the tin, but it comes out exactly like sherbet. It's a light peach which seems to have enough pink in it not to look horrible on my fair skin. It blends like a dream making it nearly impossible to overdo it. It feels like velvet. What's not to love? Those with darker complexions might not be enthused with the lighter color. But I think this blush is fabulous. A plus, the radius of the circular pan allows the biggest blush or powder brush.

 fairly true color ^
 yellow lighting
 left blended out a little, right swipes
slightly more yellow-ish lighting

I hope this was helpful.


Jennifer said...

thanks for the swatches! i love cargo blushes esp their blue-ray HD one in pink ^_^

frolicandfuckabout said...

Ah, thanks so much!!(from the one that requested it) This looks like the peach I've been looking for...I've heard such great things about Cargo blushes but I've yet to try one. Just checked out their site though, I guess starting the 17th you can order from them and I saw you can get 20% by becoming a "Cargo Insider." I guess now's the time to try out Molokai!! :D

Katie said...

Thanks for the swatches! I love peachy/aprict blushes!


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