Monday, January 17, 2011

MAC Lipgloss I Do Like

If you've been reading Jeweled Thumb with any regularity, you would know I dislike sticky lip gloss. I'm just not a fan, so it comes as no surprise that MAC lip glasses are not my favorite formula. I've been whining about trying to use up a Plush Glass and I do have a few of the original formula that I'm trying to get through as well. However, I do enjoy other MAC lip products. And today I'm going to share my favorite formulas in the line (not including their lipsticks).

My favorite formula from MAC?

The lipgelee
Whether you pronounce lip-jel-eh or lip-jelly, this gel formula is perhaps the most moisturizing of the MAC glosses. It's slightly thick, generally less opaque than most other lipglosses but feels wonderful on the lips and used to come in both cream and shimmer formulas but lately all I've seen new is shimmer. The lipgelee is also the most value for money of any of the MAC glosses. I'm showing a sample size that came in a gift set but generally this gloss comes with .5floz of product for $14.50 (lipglass is .17floz for $14.50) and unfortunately, the staple range is now unavailable from MAC but lipgelees seems to pop up in limited edition collections. I sincerely hope MAC does not discontinue this formulation as it's lovely and by far my favorite (and bring back the creams!). My guess is there will be quite a nice selection at your local CCO if you are interested.

And runner up?

The lustreglass
Another gloss that I was slightly worried MAC was getting rid of (as they don't tend to pop up in new collections). Lustreglasses come in the normal MAC tube, however they have a brush in lieu of a doe foot applicator. The lustreglass is non-sticky, slightly sheer and they generally have a subtle shimmer to them. These tend to be only slightly stickier than the lipgelee but still stop from being overly sticky and maintain moisture on the lips. I have 3 of them, Beaux, Instant Gold and Wonderstruck.
Swatches, from left to right: Beaux, Instant Gold, Wonderstruck and Glosspitality (lipgelee).

What's your favorite MAC lip gloss formula?


FunnyFaceBeauty said...

I also really like their creamsheens...super smooth and silky and not at all sticky. xx

Jeweled Thumb said...

@FFB: Oh, those I love too, what I don't love is the price and size! Although I guess I'd use them up quickly!

Y said...

Mmm Im not really a gloss fan. I LOVE my lipsticks. However, I love Beaux!

ChrissyDee said...

I'm not a fan of anything sticky either. I do own a few that are a little like slicking concrete on your lips but if I put a balm under them and wear them sheer they seem to be ok!

Love me some Lustreglasses.

Olivia said...

I prefer to say jell-AYE putting a drawl and emphasis on the end.

BTW, gave you a blog award:

Pammy said...

I am totally with you! I normally am not that crazy about the origional lipglass formula but am a fan of the luterglass! I am going to have to try the Lipgelee!!! :)

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