Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Brush Rolls Exist

Do you dust your brushes?

What do you mean?

Well, do you dust them? 
Why would I need to?
Well you have them sitting out in a (albeit pretty) Sephora-esque storage system, don't they get dusty?

Do you dust your brushes?
Sure! I dust everything.
With the same dust poofy thing as everything else?

Oh crap.

So everyone has gone out and made their brushes look like the displays (which btw - do get dusted daily if not twice a day at Sephora). And then they are so meticulous about keeping all their makeup clean and tidy and throwing away old sponges but completely forget about the brushes. Are you allergic to dust? Or I mean, seriously, you are potentially rubbing the same stuff you find in balls underneath your cupboard all over your face.

There's a reason brushes come in a roll!

This is brought to you by someone who kept her brushes on display and then furiously hid them away (after cleaning them all) when they became dusty!

Also, I had this thought after watching Youtube makeup collection videos where everyone and their mother has prettified brush displays.


Mimi (MakeupWithdrawal) said...

I do have a brush roll! And a brush belt, for my kit that I roll up when I'm done. However, for the rest of my brushes I do store them standing up in a glass tank. Since I have pets and am worried about dust and dander, I keep a sheet of Saran wrap over them, followed by a cloth napkin on top.

LiAnn - Sparklecrack Central said...

I think I'm one of the few people in creation who doesn't like those prettified brush displays. I have a plain plastic square container, with lid, for holding my jars. Inelegant, perhaps - but the lid keeps out dust as well as keeping out any water vapor (my brushes are stored on my bathroom countertop).

Anonymous said...

I actually made 2 brush rolls of my own they were pretty easy. Made one from a to small areopostle shirt and another from cute scotty dogs fabric.
Check out my blog if you wanna see :)

hillary said...

I live in an EXTREMELY small apartment so I have my brushes out in a glass. I don't have any storage in my bathroom so I can't use a brush roll but after I caught the cat taking the brushes out of the cup and rubbing her face on them I got some Laura Mercier? brush cleaner and give everything a quick spray and wipe before using.

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