Friday, January 7, 2011

Snap Crackle Pop!

image from Amazon
Oh you mean this wasn't supposed to be an entry about my favorite cereal characters? And Rice Krispies isn't makeup? But I'm sure you could grind it up and use it as face powder, right? They do make rice powder!

Actually, before I go completely nuts I was referring to the current trend of "crackle" effect nail polishes and one from an unlikely source wound up in my inbox and I wanted to share, a) because it's actually available to buy right now and b) it comes in more than 1 color *cough-unlike-barrym-which-I-can't-even-buy-here-cough*

 Missha's new The Style Leopard Nail Polish - $6.99 and available in 3 shades:

 The crackle effect looks nothing like leopard print and they chose bruise colors but still pretty awesome and not too pricey either!

Are you going to give into the crackle effect trend?
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