Thursday, January 6, 2011

Proof I Can Finish Makeup

It's not completely empty but it's starting to get hard to remove product from the tube and it's not even a gloss I like all that much but I've been forcing myself to use it! It's a pretty color but I hate how sticky most of the MAC lip glosses are! This is a plush glass so it's not the stickiest, but it still seems to collect around the outer lip line unless you use the tiniest bit in the center over a balm. This one is Posh It Up and I can not wait till it is gone!!!!!


femputer said...

Congrats! I'm looking forward to the day I can finish something. :)

Jennifer said...

Congrats on nearly finishing it! I guess it'll be soon ^_^

are there any products you're forcing yourself to finish up at the same time though?

Claire@Eyelining said...

Haha I always get such a sense of acheivment too when I'm nearing the end of something.Hope it goes soon! x

ndoodles said...

Ha ha yay! I have to force myself to use up some stuff too! Got way too much crap lying around.

Petra said...

Isn't it funny how accomplished you feel when you use up something?

The day I finally finished a lip balm, I strutted around like I was queen of the world.

G A B Y said...

Yey, congrats!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@femputer: I have the hardest time finishing lipgloss, lipstick and eyeshadows! One day I hope to finish an eyeshadow.

@Jennifer: I'm not on an official "no buy" or project x pan but I am trying to use up stuff I've had for awhile. This lipgloss was made in 2006 so it's a shock it hasn't turned!

@Claire: Me too! My husband thinks I'm crazy!

@ndoodles: Exactly! My biggest fear is things will expire before I get to them so I'm trying to get through some old(er) products. =)

@Petra: It's the weirdest thing! I am so happy, even with expensive things or items I need to replace.

@Gaby: Thank you! Hopefully I'll have an "Empties" post coming soon to a blog near you. =p

Thank you everyone for the support! Maybe this will encourage me to finish more things! =)

Kristie said...

wohooo! I have never been able to finish a lip product. MAC lipglosses are extremely sticky for sure.

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