Friday, January 8, 2010

Bloggy News

A few things:

- As I'm sure you guys can see (News above), I am planning another giveaway when/if I reach 50 followers. I'm super excited and really appreciate everyone of you that read this blog. I mean, I was super thrilled when I reached 10 followers; now that I'm at 37 I'm actually a bit shocked.

- In the same area, I have attempted to find and follow all of you guys that have beauty blogs. If I'm missed following-back anyone, please let me know (a link in the comments works). I always look for more blogs to read!

- A company approached me about putting an affiliate link on my site. I agreed. This is the 2nd company that has approached me. The first one I declined as it was basically a pay per post and I didn't see how the material would actually be useful for you. This new one basically asked if I would put a banner on my site (it's on the right and tiny). I think the deal is if you click through the banner and buy something, I get a small percentage of your purchase. I don't expect anyone to go ahead and do this, I just wanted to disclose.

That's all for now.

♥ jeweledthumb


Fiona M said...

congrats on getting so many followers! I'm just starting out so trying to connect with people. loving yr site and looking forward to seeing what you think of the sleek palette.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@scarlettholy: I found your blog!!! I'm a follower now. =)

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