Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mr. Wrong Update & Some Haulage

I had to go to the luxe mall again today to return some Sephora online purchases; basically the items that I bought to get to $50 and surprise surprise don't work. I think I returned $10 worth of stuff. The SA probably thought I was nuts.

Anyway, I decided to browse around the mall a little bit. First of all, I am looking for some black leggings to wear under skirts for work and I hate the thought of spending good money on something I'm going to be treating like tights (which I buy at Nordstrom Rack for $5.99 - Hue brand). Anyway, after stopping by American Apparel and some teeny bopper stores, I finally got to New York &Company. I know I don't talk about fashion here much but I am a huge bargain shopper and NY&CO has great sales. I discovered their regular black leggings are only $9.95 regular price! I was tempted to buy them right there but then remembered that I had some coupons at home and the leggings could wait.

I also stopped by Old Navy and for some reason, the store at this mall is still having their 50% clearance sale that ran last weekend. This is where Mr. Wrong comes in. After shopping in the clearance section which was a disaster and dealing with hangers, the Mr. Wrong on my right hand was chip city (left hand looks perfect of course - I'm right handed). So, I'll be taking him off (teehee) tonight.

Oh, and what did I get?

A couple of these darling bow-belts. Price? $3-

Several shirts of various descriptions that don't seem to be on the Old Navy site anymore. Prices? $1-$4-

And a couple pairs of fold over yoga pants. Price? $3-$5-

All in all, I bought far too many shirts, but spent about $50 total, which isn't so bad. Do check your local Old Navy to see if they are also running this 50% off deal. I only tend to buy Old Navy clothing when they are on a massive discount like this because I find the quality of most of their things not that great - they last for maybe a season or 2; however for $1-$5 I'm able to overlook that.