Friday, January 1, 2010

Intro To Beauty Blog Link Love

Beauty Blog Link Love (or BBLL for short) is officially on-air today with this Link Love post. We're a new community of -- obviously -- beauty bloggers, and we're committed to bringing you the best and brightest stars of the beauty blog world twice each month! Don't worry; this won't affect the posts on any of the blogs that you're reading, but what it will do is form a casual, contract-free environment for bloggers to share posts that they're proud of, which means that you'll get easy access to the best reading material possible.

Today we'd just like to introduce all of our lovely members so far, so stick with us! If you're interested in joining BBLL as well, you can find out more here. Now, onto the bloggers:

...Adina, the voice behind KraseyBeauty, a blog for all things beautiful in New York City,
...Amy, the beauty addict & product junkie who posts a collection of swatches and reviews on Yoetke Beauty Blog,
...Arianne, who loves all things beautiful (from makeup to geekery that may sometimes involve kitties) is the gorgeous gal-with-brains behind Glitter Geek,
...BeautyjunkieLondon, who is, well, a London-based beauty obsessive who has found an outlet for all things wonderfully girly and shallow,
...Caz, a UK beauty blogger and newly found Lush addict at thisiscaz,
...Eve, who writes xLovelyMakeupx and loves anything fashion and makeup,
...The Jeweled Thumb, the mind behind a variety of reviews, deals & steals and of course - finger swatches,
...Kelly, the Jellyminx Thinks blogger,
...LiAnn, of Sparklecrack Central, who is hooked on makeup though she didn't wear it regularly until she was nearly 40,
...Lipglossiping, a girl with too many lipsticks (and a blog about them,)
...Lisa Kate of Sparkle is my Crack! who happens to be obsessed with glitter, guinea pigs and winking cupcake tattoos!
...Louise, the blogger behind Get Lippie,
...Maggie, who writes The Polka-Dotted Apple,
...Sara, a Bay Area beauty blogger who documents her cosmetic obsession at The Makeup,
...Sarah, the shopaholic behind the reviews, hauls and hair drama at  I Heart Cosmetics,
...Stephanie, the makeup artist from LA blogging about makeup and fashion at Aquahearts Makeup Obsession,
...Vex, with Vex in the City,
And, finally, the editor of BBLL (Rae,) who also writes theNotice: a beauty blog, which she fills with reviews, swatches, FOTDS, and a side of snark.

That's all for now! Thanks for reading, and we at BBLL hope that you can find some new favourite blogs out of this Link Love post. We'll see you in two weeks with links to specific posts that we think you'll love -- until then, stay beautiful! 

JT's brief editorial comment: Many of these blogs are already ones that I love, so do check them out of you haven't done so already!