Saturday, January 30, 2010

Review: Physicians Formula Organic Wear Eyeliner

I've always been a bit curious regarding the Physicians Formula (PF) Organic line but never wanted to fork over the cash for some of the products. But that all changed when they went on clearance (wow, I sound so cheap). The fact that the products are free of harsh chemicals, parabens and synthetic preservates sounded very appealing since I have extremely sensitive skin (and eyes for that matter).

The Organic Wear eyeliners are usually around $8 though with the 75% off and a $2 off coupon I didn't pay anything. They come in 3 colors: Black Night, Black Woods and Black Olive. I'm reviewing the Black Night version, a deep matte black.

I must say for being an eco-friendly line, they sure do use a whole lot of packaging for these little pencils. I understand it helps with possible tampering but did they really need the huge box? Anyway, back to the review.
I'm not sure I had any expectations for this product. The PF line seems to have a lot of hit or misses and I seldomly have good luck with drugstore line pencils (though I do like the 24/7 knockoffs from L'Oreal/HIP). I went ahead and swatched the pencils on my skin and then performed the smudge test.
Surprisingly enough the pencil is well pigmented. The first swatch is me drawing and filling in the lines with the product. The second is a rather swift stroke down my hand and the third is drawing a bit more slowly with slightly more force but nothing extreme. The pencil is creamy and does not feel very waxy.
After the swatch test any good thoughts I had about these pencils quickly dissolved (haha get it?). Smear city. This was 2 or 3 swipes back and forth. However, after wiping the pencil away completely, I noticed something.
There was still pencil left on my hand which led me to believe that these would be excellent water line pencils. Creamy so they don't irritate during application, check. Some remains after "removal", check. Non irritating ingredients perfect for sensitive eyes like mine, check. 

And I even took a picture of my eyes after having this on my waterline for an hour (I know that's not terribly long but I'll give another update before I go to bed). Now granted, I'm not wearing any makeup other than the liner so be nice, please (and I need to do my brows badly). But it is very dark and really a great product for the waterline. I doubt it would perform on the upper lid due to the creamy texture.
So am I glad I picked this up? Actually, yes. Even though it's limited in what you can use it for, it's going to prove to be a useful product for me and for even $2 without the coupon on sale, it's worthy of a pick up.

Here is the ingredient list from the PF website (I apologize for the caps - I didn't do that):



Bianca C said...

Oh - I got this pencil in Olive and feel pretty similarly about it! AND! I thought the EXACT same thing when opening the box why not just shrink wrap it and stick a little tab to hang on the shelf?

Weekdays I keep my MU very simple, and like it to come off with just facewash instead of needing a MU remover, so these are perfect for that. I am very pleased for the price - well at the 75% off, had it been $7, I don't think I would be as happy.

Good review, I like the swatches and testing you did! :-)

小白 said...

cool blog,期待更新.........................

Lisa Kate said...

Haha for some reason, I just cannot pay full price for drugstore items...its like a disease, so don't feel bad XD

This looks pretty nice for the waterline, I normally use the 24/7 liners but I might be picking up one of these for when it runs out!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Bianca: Yeah, I appreciate PF's effort to decrease "testing" in the store and I guess the cardboard is more eco-friendly than plastic but come on. The pencil is tiny, the packaging is huge, enough said!

@小白: Thank you!

@Lisa Kate: I'm the same way, but I kind of feel that way about most things. Clothing, shoes, makeup, skincare, bath & body. Unless something is a good deal to begin with, you won't see me paying full price the majority of the time!

Yeah, actually I was a bad girl and fell asleep on the couch and 10 hours (I know I know) later there was still remnants of this on my lower lash line. Definitely a steal for $2!

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