Monday, January 18, 2010

Current Faves

Kiehls Nurturing Baby Cream for Face and Body: This is in Kiehls Babies line but I find it great for dry sensitive skin in the winter. This is a very rich emollient cream with a very subtle scent especially suited for babies delicate skin. My skin literally drinks this stuff up and unlike some of the lotions and creams I get in the drugstore, I don't need to squeeze out tons of it to get the desired softness - a little will do, which makes the $18.50 price a bit more reasonable. I usually use this on my hands and body but have been known to put a little on my face when it's quite dry at night. The next morning it is super soft. Also the tube is kind of cute, huh? Major ingredients include apricot kernel oil, shea butter, glycerin and honey.

Benefit "That Gal" Primer: I bought this during Sephora's Sale Sale in this set. At $28 at regular price, I feel it is over-priced but in the set it came out to about $9 and that is a bit more reasonable. This comes in a weird sort of packaging but it works and at least so far hasn't broken me out (I've been using it a bit over a week now and quite like it). It kind of reminds me a super thick lipgloss tube, the product twists up and then out in little holes poked in the top. It's a pink cream that smells faintly of strawberries though I wouldn't necessarily call it moisturizing. However, it's not super thick or sticky like a lot of primers on the market and it does a decent job of evening out my skin tone and making a good base for foundation/concealer.

Garden Botanika Eye Shadow in Blossom: I picked this up when ULTA clearanced the GB brand and this shadow had an unfortunate fall recently but that doesn't mean I won't give it the love it deserves. This is a very pale matte pink color and does a great job of brightening my eye area up. I also sometimes use it to set my under eye concealer since it's very close to my skintone. It gives me a "my eyes but better" look and my eyes instantly look fresher with a little bit of this and a coat or 2 of mascara.

Coffee by Cuisinart Coffee Maker: Yes, I know this isn't makeup. But I do love coffee (I put a little lite whipped cream in it for foam).