Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today's Shopping Expedition

Today's plan was to go to the mall - the luxe one that's about 15 miles away (not the slightly run-down one that's about 5 miles away) and stop into Sephora to check out Cargo. Cargo is 50% off at Sephora and online (though they are practically sold out of everything online at this point). Looks like they are getting rid of the line. Well of course, my Sephora never carried Cargo in the first place which I found out after scanning every single row - hopefully the sales associates didn't think I was planning on stealing anything. I probably looked a bit dodgy.

Anyway, because the Cargo haul never happened, I stopped in quite a few stores and the only store I actually got anything from was L'Occitane. They are having their semi-annual sale right now and I've been eying the Cherry Eau de Toilette for quite some time. I adore the Cherry Blossom scent but it's lasting power isn't nearly as good as the Cherry and for 50% off? Yes, please!

The Cherry EDT is Limited Edition... here's how L'Occitane describes it:

"A deliciously summery Eau de Toilette that reinterprets the freshness of our Cherry Blossom perfume, enveloping the skin with fruity, sparkling, and tangy essences. A perfume that recalls carefree summer afternoons spent in the orchard, and the memory of an armful of sun-drenched petals infused with the sweet flavor of juicy, colorful fruit."

Yum! This was $23 regularly $46. The sale associate was super nice and threw in quite a few samples. I spritzed my wrists generously with this while I was at the store and DH hasn't said anything about me stinking so I think I did good (he is super picky about the scents I wear and prefers me to smell "like myself" - so no comment is a good one).

For comparison sake, this reminds me of the discontinued Fresh's Memoirs of a Geisha which I also love and is a slightly "older" sophisticated Bath & Body Works Cherry Blossom.


Pink Sith said...

Oooh. Good deal on the EDT! I hauled 4 things from Cargo...on-line because I didn't want to deal with the shopping mall.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Elvira: You know, I blame you for making me fall for Cherry Blossom. It was during the meet up that I first sniffed it! I mean blame in the nicest way possible of course. =)

Ooh, what Cargo did you haul?

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