Sunday, January 3, 2010

CVS Sales

Everyone is a buzz regarding the CVS Beauty Sale. Apparently, at every location except for mine, CVS has marked down beauty products significantly - we're talking 50-75%! Even though they mentioned this in my Sunday circular, I went today and no sales whatsoever. I'm going to stop by a different location tomorrow to see if it's any different there and I'll report any findings. Either way, if you have a CVS near you, it's definitely worth a trip to see if there are any neon green or pink stickers about.


Stephanie said...

mine doesn't have it either! I haven't checked my big store yet though. at least when they do, all the stuff will be there for us to pick through. :)

G. said...

Girl, I went to THREE different CVS locations today and NONE of them had the sale going on. In fact, there wasn't even ONE product that had a clearance sticker next to it. Why, CVS? WHY??? lol. Maybe our sale will come later in the least that's what I'm hoping. :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@ Stephanie: That's what I'm hoping! Maybe they are doing them in waves? I just think it's silly to advertise it in the weekly ad and not bring the goods!

@ Recessionista: Well, at least as Stephanie says, we'll hopefully have first pick when they do eventually roll it out? In better news, they have finally clearanced the millions of fragrance sets and now have displays for Revlon PR and the new Sally Hansen nail polish at my CVS. Just waiting for a sale. =)

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