Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paul & Joe Eyeshadows

 Well, I think I grabbed the last bit of natural light today for these photos, not that we've really had any sunlight per-say since it's been snowing all day (and the weather report had predicted show showers, very funny, more like 4-6 inches!). So, I've had a little while to play around with the Paul & Joe eyeshadows I recently hauled. First of all, Paul & Joe eyeshadows generally retail for $20 though I was lucky enough to get them for $1.99 - 90% off! Of course, the packaging is to die for. Love the little compacts and even the boxes they come in!

I would say the line consists of mostly neutral shades, though there are a few colored pastels and darker jewel tones. Fun factoid: the fashion line started off as a menswear brand and the Beaute line launched in 2002. Currently there are 25 single eyeshadow shades though the line is launching a palette system this spring.

I found the texture of these very silky and smooth. They glide onto the fingers that I used to swatch effortlessly. Some have more pigment than others, but I would call those colors sheer but buildable. I didn't experience any chalkiness with any of the shades.

#1 Secret of Gold - This is a slightly dirty gold. Would work well for cool complexions especially those that think they can't wear gold.
#6 Velvet Ribbon: A bit of a chameleon. Looks like a silvery taupe in some lighting and a pale silvery lavender in others sometimes with a blue quality. Interesting shade and curious how it appears on the lids. I bet this would take on different qualities when combined with different base shades.
#7 Blue Bird: pale baby blue with a hint of silver sheen
#9 Sakura: pale pink
#16 Cocoa: This is one of my favorites! Not sure why it's named cocoa since it is slightly olive and has a bit of a metallic quality to it. Gorgeous color.
#17 Bitter Chocolate: Love this one too. A mostly neutral brown possibly pulling a little on the cooler side. This is one of the ones I would consider sheer but buildable. It also looks a bit different in different lighting.

So that's all of the Paul & Joe eyeshadows from my Soft Surroundings haul. I found the ones that I purchased to be more on the cooler side though I'm not sure if that's reflective of the entire line.
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Whitepiano555 said...

love all the neutral color ^_^ i can't believe you got them in such a good price!!!!

Eve said...

lovely! I love the street gold color best!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Pink Kathy: I know! I can't believe Soft Surroundings priced them so low on clearance!

@Y: The gold color is lovely. I can't wait to really use them. =)

Mary said...

wow..for $1.99...that's awesome! where did you get them!...beautiful neutrals

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Mary: Soft Surroundings put a bunch of Paul & Joe and Becca on clearance. There's still a little leftover on their outlet site.

Zoe said...

pretty colors with their own suitable names...
like it~

Unknown said...

Oooh, they're so beautiful! Lucky you getting them all for so cheap! I LOVE paul and joes packaging so much, it reminds me of real old vintage cosmetics.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Zoe: Yes! It is so annoying when companies only give numbers!!

@Lillian: I know! I still can't believe the price of these. I adore the packaging. It does look vintage but with a modern twist. =)

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