Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Body Shop Haul & Review

It's The Body Shop's semi-annual sale time - actually it's been going on for about a week - which means they put their seasonal makeup on a very steep discount and it also means that I pick up everything I've been lusting after for the past year or so. See, unlike other stores and makeup companies, The Body Shop makes Limited Edition collections that almost always come back for sales. There's no great need to stock up when it's full priced.

I am a huge fan of The Body Shop makeup, though I can't wear their base products as they tend to be quite warm. I have been wearing their makeup since I was 12 back before they revamped the packaging. Back then everything was matte and black and looked a whole lot less modern. And for a 12-year old's budget, the only time I was able to buy it was during semi-annual sale time.

Anyway, this year they again have their makeup 3 for $10 which puts it at even less than the drugstore range. Most of the seasonal makeup goes fast, but there's still a few products on their sale page if you're quick (they also tend to have more stock in store if you have one close by).

I picked up a few things I've had my eyes on:

These items are either from the Precious Pearlescent's (Fall) or the Hot Brights (Summer) Collections; there's also 1 regular line eye kohl that I picked up that looks like it may very well be a dupe for Clinique Egyptian though I haven't swatched them side by side yet.

Can you imagine everything above cost me $27 (including the Love Your Body Discount)? This is why I don't buy the collections when they launch. Blushes usually run around $24 and eyeshadows at $17; 3/$10 is way more bang for your buck!
These are items from the Precious Pearlescents Collection from Fall 2009 (aside from the eyeliner). As you can see, The Body Shop hopped onto the baked product bandwagon. We have the baked blush in cool dusk, and the 2 eyeshadow trios Moonlight Lustre & Sundown Glow (there was also another blush that was warmer).

And then some items from the Hot Brights Summer Collection. The Body Shop really went all out for the packaging of this one. It is gorgeous!

The individual compacts each have some sort of textured paper with designs of flowers on them and those are encased in a very sturdy clear plastic cover. Each compact is a duo (larger is blush and smaller is eyeshadow). While the baked line is sold out online, these are still available so grab them quick!

The blush is #1 (the cool one; there is also a warmed one; sense a theme?), and the two eyeshadow duos; #1 & #2.

Now, the eyeliners. I actually swatched these all even though I barely grabbed the last bit of natural light. Yes, all of these photos were taken in natural light. Aren't you proud?

The Hot Brights eyeliners are duos of similar colors. One end is a smidge lighter with silver glitter and the other side has a bit of a metallic sheen (though it's hard to see in the above photo). These are slightly waxy pencils and do not go on as pigmented by the first swipe, but they are buildable and they stay fairly well at least on my hand after rubbing them. These aren't my favorite formula but they were super inexpensive and they are fun colors. I'm hoping the olive will be a nice color for my waterline. I don't think I would have picked them up for the original price of $13, but for $3.33 I'm a bit more inclined.
Have you bought anything from The Body Shop's Semi-Annual sale this year?


Lipglossiping said...

great haul! I wasn't a huge fan of moonlight lustre, but I adore my cool dusk blush

Jeweled Thumb said...

@ Lipglossiping: Yay! Can't wait to try it out!

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