Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Question: Color Limits

Do you have any colors that you won't wear out of the house? That you may apply for fun but then blot down to a stain or off entirely?

For me it is 'true' reds. I say true, because I'll wear deep berries out of the house no problem but once you get a red on me, I always feel it's a bit 'too much'. I also am very hesitant to wear anything that remotely looks fuschia out of the house (including brighter pinks). It's not unusual for certain colors to turn on me since my lips are pigmented and fuschia screams 80s to me in a bad way!


Lisa Kate said...

For me, its pretty much any medium or dark lipcolor. I might feel sassy at home or in pictures, but I feel too "made up" when I leave the house and end up taking it off!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@ Lisa Kate: All of them?! But they are so pretty! The one that broke me out of the no-dark-lips shell was definitely Clinique Black Honey.

Unknown said...

For me it's a really weird rainbow lip colour. When i was a teenager i would go out with blue, green, black or checkerboard lips, nowadays i'm still drawn to the colours and buy lots but haven't been brave enough to wear them out of the house. I also used to be able to wear really odd makeup styles, green blush, eyeshadow up to my hairline etc, but again i'm not comfortable leaving the house now in anything but my 'safe' makeup look.

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