Monday, January 4, 2010

I Found Sales!

Ok, while I love my alternative work schedule (I work 4-9 hour days and get every other Monday off), it's not going to be good for my wallet. So, not only did another CVS near me have the enormous sale everybody was talking about, but ULTA had a bunch of stuff on clearance...

As for CVS, the following was on sale: practically all the PF Organic Line; quite a bit of Rimmel - gloss, eyeshadow, blush, foundations, a couple of mascaras; a few L'Oreal colour juices, all the HIP paints and a lone eyeshadow, a few of the regular line lipsticks; Maybelline nail polish; a few Milani nail polish and "old" eyeshadow quads; Sally Hansen lipglosses and a few lines of nailpolish; Almay select Natural eyeshadow/gloss; Revlon select matte eyeshadow (be careful with these cause some marked ones were ringing up full price)... Most everything was 75% off cept for the Sally Hansen and the Maybelline. I may have missed some because I only bought things that were 75% off since I'm cheap like that. I spent $25 after coupons which I'm happy with. I could have done a lot worse!

And then at ULTA. Oh my. Someone remind me that I don't need all this nail polish? I mean, yes I have much more eyeshadow than nail polish and oh, it's pretty and yes I got an excellent price on it all, but I'm going to go ahead and blame all the nail blogs for being oh-so-pretty. Ack!

So, here we have:
~OPI Shim-Merry Chic $3.99
~OPI All A-Bordeaux The Sled! $3.99
~China Glaze Raspberry Festival $3.99
~China Glaze Its Poppin' $3.99
~China Glaze Thunderbird $3.99
~China Glaze Drive In $3.99
~China Glaze Far Out $3.99
~Piggy Polish Duo Toe Many Parties $5.99
~Piggy Polish Duo Toe Scary $2.99

A bunch of Bourjois on clearance. I was actually nervous that they were DC-ing the line since it's currently one of the only places you can still get the brand stateside, but they are just getting rid of some colors:
~Ombre Stretch Vert #5, Intense Black #1, Maxi Blanc #2
~eyeshadow in #25 Argent
~blush in #35 Lune D'Or

And finally, 2 Montagne Jennesse masks that were on clearance for 89 cents (these are sheet masks and I'm excited to try them!):

So there you go. I'm not allowed in a beauty store for the next few weeks. Oh, who am I kidding?


Y said...

OMG! I saw so much 75% off sales at CVS too! But i have WAY too much makeup as it is

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Y: Shhh! If you have "WAY" too much, I hate to think of a description for the amount I have!!!

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