Friday, January 8, 2010

Review: Kuan Yuan Lian Beadlike Grain Powder (180 g)

The very last item from my Sasa haul! I was actually scared to try this after someone mentioned it smells like Chinese food! I mean, that's nice except I didn't really want to wash my face in something that smelled quite so strong. I am super sensitive to smells and the thought of getting nauseated in the morning from washing my face did not get me excited to try this stuff.

First of all, what does this smell like? To me it smells like green beans! It's a quite fresh "green" smell and pleasant.


This enormous jar only cost me $3.20 USD which is a pretty amazing price given the size. It's filled to the brim with an off-white powder.

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect with this stuff. I mean, I was scared. The label is in another language. It could have smelled like Chinese food? What did I get myself into?

Well, the texture dry feels like flour. It is super finely milled and very soft to the touch. It even resembles flour in the jar.

Once you add water, it turns into a creamy cleanser. At this point you start to feel slightly larger pieces in it that are awesome for a gentle exfoliation. Most of the "flour" dissolves in the water. Since this is something you mix yourself, you can alter the water/powder ratio till it suits you. I actually think I'll add a little less water next time!
this picture was super hard to take!
While this wasn't the easiest cleanser to use (you have to mix it yourself, if you add too much water it's super runny and hard to apply), the results are really nice. My face feels smooth. It didn't burn or irritate my skin and it removed the makeup that I had on my face (I would not recommend this for eyes because of the grains in it that don't fully dissolve). 
All in all, I shouldn't have been scared. This jar should last me a good long while, but if I ever run out, I may just repurchase!


Jeweled Thumb said...

@PuraAbarca: Likewise. =)

dodo said...

I was interested in buying this. thanks for the review!

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