Monday, January 11, 2010

The Foundation Trick That Shouldn't Work... But Does

I don't claim that this weird thing I discovered will work for you, in fact, I was super surprised that it wasn't a complete disaster on my skin. Either way, here's what happened:

I was applying foundation in the morning as I generally do and decided that I would use a wet/dry formula dry (this is shocking news to all of you I know). Well, after I applied this foundation, I really liked the coverage on most areas but there were a few spots that I needed more coverage, so I then took my liquid fondation and stippled it on over top. I reapplied a light dusting of the powder foundation and then gave myself a generous spritz of Avene mist.

I don't know how this worked, as my skin is very dry right now and the powder foundation should excentuate that. However, the powder minimizes my pores much better than the liquid but the liquid provides more coverage on my red areas so they worked hand-in-hand. The combination of the two also somehow cut down on the cakiness I sometimes get if I apply too much liquid.

I imagine this is a similar result as some people get with primer; something I rarely use since it often aggravates my skin. Generally speaking, it's not often suggested to 'mix' powder and liquid products although that winds up being the case with cream blush and/or highlighters. But I found this worked well for me.

I'm quite pleased with myself for discovering this especially at 6am - of course knowing me this is some technique everyone uses and I'm the last one to discover.


ndoodles said...

Hmm... very interesting. I should look into that. Dry skin just makes life so much harder... so does oily skin (which I get the in summer)... ah. It never ends.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@noodles: Oh my gosh, me too! Dry in the winter, an oily mess in the summer. Fun, isn't it?

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