Saturday, January 9, 2010

CCO Haul

I'd been meaning to go to my local CCO - aka Cosmetic Company Outlet for awhile. I heard reports that Prescriptives was further marked down and I wanted to stock up on the old size of MAC pigments. Of course said CCO is 50 miles away and in an outdoor outlet mall. So the thought of walking around in the recent snow episodes was not something I wanted to experience. Today was a blustery 20 degrees (and that was the high), but even with the temperature, I braved the winds and walked away with some goodies.

I picked up 4 MAC pigments. These are some colors I don't already have in my stash. We have... Vintage Gold (LE Overrich August 2008), Gilded Green (LE Colorforms July 2008), Tea Time (LE Colorforms July 2008) & Cocomotion (LE Rushmetal July 2007) . They had a few other colors but I restrained myself (though I'm planning another trip next week after their next shipment). 

I also picked up a Prescriptives set. This set was from Holiday 2008 and called All Year Bronze. All the Prescriptives items that they had in stock were an additional 20% off (this is on top of the 30% discount at the CCO). This was only $22.40 after discount which is a great deal since it's mostly full sized items.

Set includes:
-Full-size Sunsheen Bronzing Trio in Medium (0.35 oz.)
-Full-size Tint Balm in Caramel (0.5 oz.)
-Full-size Colorscope Creamy Eye Color in Rose Dust (0.25 oz.)
-Travel-size Powder Brush.


smiley13tree said...

I wish there were pigments at our CCO. ): And they changed the packaging too so these old ones are all the better.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@smiley13tree: You might want to ask the sales ladies. Sometimes they have some hiding in the back. Yeah, I'm hoping to grab the colors I've missed out on since I really don't want to buy them in the new smaller, same price packaging.

Jasmine said...

oooo I am so jealous of you being 5miles from a CCO!! We don't have one in Hawaii of course, and I love your choice of pigments! What lovely neutrals. I always wondered what a CCO looks like inside. If you ever sneak a couple of pics I would love to check them out.
P.S. I love how frequent your blogs are. I haven't been able to read them lately so I have a lot to catch up.

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Jasmine: 50 (!) miles. It took me a little under an hour to get there. Still better than there not being one at all, I gather.

I am working on actually giving you guys what you want. I can't believe the majority of the people that took the poll wanted 3x daily updates! Eeek! It's like a 2nd job! =)

JennXOXO said...

I love Cocomotion. I also got Cocomotion from my CCO. Shopping there is the best! Nice haul! :)

Jeweled Thumb said...

@JennXOXO: Hooray for CCOs!

Jasmine said...

lol ok 50 miles! My reading comprehension is terrible! I've been spending too much time in books lately (nursing textbooks)!!!

Jeweled Thumb said...

@Jasmine: No worries! 50 miles still isn't so bad as long as it's not during rush hour which is a disaster around here!

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